IntelliMerge for Spotify

With this small but helpful app, you'll be able to make Master Playlists that are smart enough to update themselves based on the contents of other playlists. Have you ever wanted to include a Spotify generated playlist that is frequently updated into your own custom playlist? Now you can. With IntelliMerge for Spotify you can create Master Playlists that are monitored every 10 minutes for changes and propagated to your Master Playlist. Now you can merge Spotify playlists from any user like a pro.

Recent Changes:

11 Jun '19: v1.0-"Kokiri-Forest"
  • Welcome to 1.0.
  • You can now blacklist a set of songs with the exclude feature. Check the About/FAQ for full information
  • I have added the ability for you to decide if you want the script to update your cover-art on a per-playlist basis.
5 Jun '19: v0.9-"Lemon-Squeezy"
  • It is super basic but I've started to work on a theme. This means that the app will fully respect mobile devices and their screen sizes. Things should look much better for mobile users.
  • I am aware that some users have url's in their magic playlist's description. For those users the script is currently double escaping the /'s in the url and making for a messy display after a few runs: "&#x2F". The only solution I have right now is that you dont use urls in your playlist's description. It's not clickable anyway, so I urge you to consider it's importance anyway. :/
For a full list of updates you can check the changelog.

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