IntelliMerge for Spotify

With this helpful app, you'll be able to make Master Playlists that are smart enough to update themselves based on the contents of other playlists. Have you ever wanted to include a Spotify curated playlist that is frequently updated into your own custom playlist without having to keep track of what's new? Now you can. With IntelliMerge for Spotify you can create playlist links that are frequently monitored for changes and propagated to your Master Playlist. Now you can merge Spotify playlists from any user like a pro.

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Recent Changes:

15 Sep '21: v2.2.1.4505 - πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ


  • Spotify used to limit playlist lengths based on a soft limit. We could request a maximum of 100 songs at a time and if we exceeded a maximum playlist length by those extra few songs then we would be okay. No longer. They have a hard limit of 10,000 songs per playlist. Existing playlists seem to be immune to the issue but we are unable to add songs to those lists or any other beyond the hard limit now. This has forced us to rework the way we add songs to your master lists. We now stop exactly at your limit. Theoretically there might be cases where we have less than your limit given excluded songs and songs to remove from a list but a subsequent scan should bring it close to your limit. We will never add more than the limit though (currently 5,000 for Basic users and 10,000 for VIP users) Issue #27
  • We finally found and fixed a minor display bug that linked to an invalid page on Spotify if you clicked through to a master playlist in certain circumstances. #24
05 Feb '21: v2.2.0.4463 - Saranghae

Here's an early Valentines Day present:

Introducing: Special Playlists. These are playlists that don't actually exist on Spotify, but we let you link link to a Master Playlist anyway. Read on for more explanation as to what they are and why you should care.


  • We've added the ability to link your Liked Songs to a Master Playlist. This feature was one of the first requested features since the release of 2.0 so it's nice to finally get it done. Thanks for your patience! (Issue: #6)
  • We've also added 3 new Special Playlists that are normally completely hidden from a user in the Spotify apps. Because we can access the Spotify backend, we can get access to your top tracks over certain periods. We use this to give you access to your Top played tracks of the last 4 weeks, 6 months, and all time. You can exclude these from a Master Playlist to keep it fresh, or include them to populate it with the very best of your library. Enjoy!
  • These two features above will require two additional scopes to your account. Both of these grant the app read-only access to view your library and your top tracks. If you have not previously given Intellimerge permission to access these portions of your Spotify account, you will be prompted the next time you login to Intellimerge with a request to add them. As always, we ONLY use permissions as required to provide you the services we claim to give you. We never cache the data we get from your account or save it for analysis or to share with any third parties. You can refresh yourself of our privacy policy and [how we use your data on our About/FAQ Page]( however if you choose to not sign-in to the new version everything will continue to work as it did before the new version.


  • Hopefully we've fixed some caching issues reported by a chrome-mobile user that was suffering from cached data thanks to chrome's data saver functionality. We now instruct the browser not to cache the variables on the playlist editor page. All images, and scripts should still be cached as it was before. Time will tell if this solves it entirely though... Please report your experience on the github issue if you continue to see any adverse effects: Issue #23

Planned but deferred

We wanted to include these features in this major release, but would rather release these features sooner than making you wait until all of them are done.

  • The ability to follow/anti-follow an artist. #12
  • The ability to support podcasts in master playlists.
12 Jan '21: v2.1.4.4415 - ⌚


  • Just a minor update to fix an out-of-bounds error on the manual queue button once we changed the DB field to TIMESTAMP from DATETIME. Clicking the queue for refresh button should now set the last update date to one second past Jan 1, 1970 instead of one second past Jan 1, 0000.
For a full list of updates you can check the changelog.
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