IntelliMerge for Spotify

With this small but helpful app, you'll be able to make Master Playlists that are smart enough to update themselves based on the contents of other playlists. Have you ever wanted to include a Spotify generated playlist that is frequently updated into your own custom playlist? Now you can. With IntelliMerge for Spotify you can create Master Playlists that are monitored every 10 minutes for changes and propagated to your Master Playlist. Now you can merge Spotify playlists from any user like a pro.

Recent Changes:

08 Jan '20: v1.1-"Algernon"
  • I've had to reduce the frequency that we check for updates. We're just too darn popular! We currently have 3 instances of the generate script running at any time so to reduce the number of hits to the spotify servers we now only check your playlists once each hour. Thanks for your understanding :)
  • To increase efficiency in the incrimental generation script I've moved the purge function to the cleanup process which only executes once a day instead of every 10 minutes. Users who need to be purged will via a separate process that runs once a day.
  • I've also added a bit of additional debug output to help isolate a duplicates glitch that was reported late last year. Updates likely to follow in the next minor version.
11 Jun '19: v1.0-"Kokiri-Forest"
  • Welcome to 1.0.
  • You can now blacklist a set of songs with the exclude feature. Check the About/FAQ for full information
  • I have added the ability for you to decide if you want the script to update your cover-art on a per-playlist basis.
For a full list of updates you can check the changelog.

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