IntelliMerge for Spotify

With this helpful app, you'll be able to make Master Playlists that are smart enough to update themselves based on the contents of other playlists. Have you ever wanted to include a Spotify curated playlist that is frequently updated into your own custom playlist without having to keep track of what's new? Now you can. With IntelliMerge for Spotify you can create playlist links that are frequently monitored for changes and propagated to your Master Playlist. Now you can merge Spotify playlists from any user like a pro.

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Recent Changes:

12 Jan '21: v2.1.3.4415 - ⌚


  • Just a minor update to fix an out-of-bounds error on the manual queue button once we changed the DB field to TIMESTAMP from DATETIME. Clicking the queue for refresh button should now set the last update date to one second past Jan 1, 1970 instead of one second past Jan 1, 0000.
19 May '20: v2.1.3.4405 - ⚓


  • Further improvements made to the race-condition checking.
  • Some weird scrolling was going on on the FAQ page. Fixed that up and made anchors more responsive. (Issue #15)
13 May '20: v2.1.2.4325 - 🏎️


  • Finally found that duplicates glitch pointed out in Issue #10. Was a race condition that if two update threads were running at the same time, they didn't properly claim the task for themselves. To remove any duplicates that IntelliMerge may have added you can either remove them manually or you can remove all songs and let it rebuild entirely. Sorry about that!
For a full list of updates you can check the changelog.
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