What is Cinefi?

It used to be that we would check-in to a movie when we were in the theatre, then have to mark that movie as watched in trakt when we got home. No more! Now you can get social, stay updated, and keep your library accurate. When you check in to Foursquare at a movie theatre and select the movie, just as you normally would, we'll automatically check you in to the same movie on trakt.

Cinefi is free to use! So if you really enjoy it, consider throwing us a couple bucks to encourage us to keep things ad-free and, and more importantly, it'll support the project and the team.

Data collection is important everyone.

Here we outline what we collect and how we use it.

What do you do with my check-in data?

As a condition of gaining access to the Foursquare data and your profile with them, we have had to agree to some certain rules. For starters, we will never cache or store any information in the database about any check-ins you have posted to Foursquare. As soon as you check-in to Foursquare, they alert us that you did so, and then we alert trakt. No user specific information at all about this check-in is committed to our database.
In short: We don't keep it.

If you don't store any check-in information in the database, what is stored then?

Our database is remarkably small for what we provide. We keep a username/password/email that you provided to us at registration for your Cinefi account. We also keep an authentication token and username obtained via the OAuth process for each of your connected accounts. This means that on a fully connected user, we are only storing ~7 pieces of data that change very infrequently.

I'm a big fan of the connection service that Cinefi provides; Can I help out in anyway?

Cinefi is a very inexepensive project that has been endorsed and supported by WritheM Web Solutions. We provide a free service to you, so any donations you would like to make would be appreciated! You can send us pennies via paypal to paypal [at] writhem [dot] com, or click this button.