ASCII ArtStart

A small text-only motivational or fun image to set as your server MOTD or push to your text only devices each day. Enjoy a different MOTD every day. Start your day off right, with an ASCII ArtStart.
ArtStart for Tuesday 5th March, 2024
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Recent Changes:

24 Mar 2020: v0.4-"Embed"
  • Can now export any artBoard as png. This also works to embed the image in your favourite social media client for that day.
05 Mar 2020: v0.3-"Alphabet"
  • Users can now login via Google. You can link your existing account to your google account from the profile if you wish. Alternatively you can login with either, or both.
  • A Calendar has been added.
  • Fully featured approval process has been finalized.
  • Full ArtBoard History is now visible and integrated wherever you are authorized to see it (ex: your own ArtBoards).
For a full list of updates you can check the changelog.
  • There are 137 ArtStart Boards in total that have been Approved to be shown in our database of which 1 are scheduled for future dates.
  • There are 5325 ArtStart Boards that have been created but not submitted for approval yet.
  • Additionally there are 0 ArtStart Boards waiting for admin approval in our database.
  • Good news that there is currently no rejected ArtStart Boards that need to be edited and resubmitted
  • The first ArtStart Board we had was for: Friday 7th February, 2020